-BascaSound LLC  is the guitar repair / custom and modification company formed by Kevin Basca after graduating from the Eastern School of Fretted Instrument Repair located in Freehold, NJ.  Offering many services of a professional quality, BascaSound LLC Certified Guitar Repair will take care of your needs in setting / repairing your instrument to be at the best playability possible.  BascaSound LLC offers custom services such as

-hand made saddles and guitar nuts

-floating bridge installation / conversion

-fret board scalloping,

-re-fretting / fret dressing,
-neck splining, 
-wiring configurations

and much more. 


BascaSound LLC now offers custom pickups and pickup rewinds tailored to your specific taste and tone.

This is a business formed by a musician and a service catering to musicians.  Call / email 





Custom Brass Nut

Custom Fret Board Scalloping

Successful Neck Splining

Floating Bridge Installation and refinishing

***Now an official Floyd Rose authorized dealer***